Blackjack: Rules of The Game

As a simple card game, Blackjack has more players than other card games such as roulette and baccarat. Although it is a game of chance, it is highly exciting and profitable. Beating a BlackJack dealer is not an easy task. The following advanced rules will ensure that you have a dalliance with lady luck anytime you play blackjack.

The Basic Rules

BlackJack is always played against a dealer. Despite the fact that many people play together, each of them is playing individually against the dealer. Achieving a hand that is worth more than the dealer’s hand is the ultimate objective.

A standard 52 pack is used in playing the game. There is also a blank plastic card that is never dealt by the dealer. It is often placed at the bottom so that it can indicate whether the cards should be reshuffled. Each blackjack participant attempts to beat the dealer by getting a count as close to 21 as possible. However, no one goes over 21.

The card used are numbered between 2 and 10. All cards are worth their face value. Queens, Jack, and Kings are worth a total of 10 points while Aces are worth 1 or 11 points.

When the game starts, all players place their bets and with the dealer placing two cards at the table for each player, the game begins. The players can decide to take additional cards (hit) or keep their hands as are (stand). There are many other playing options such as doubling down, splitting pairs or surrendering.

The Restrictions

While players are able to play as they desire, the dealer has a number of restrictions imposed upon him. These include:

  • Drawing additional cards if his hand is worth a total of 16. However, he is only allowed to draw these cards until he reaches a total of 17 and 21.
  • If the dealers hand is worth 17 or more, he has to keep his hand as is.

Other Rules and Strategies:

  • The value of a hand is the total of the point values of all the individual cards
  • The play always begins with the player to the dealer’s left
  • Each hand will result to one of the following events for all players:

a)  Lose-Dealer takes the player’s bet

b) Win-Player wins as much as he bets

c) BlackJack- Player wins 1.5 times the bet

d) Push- The hand is a draw

  • Before dealing, every player places a bet, in clips, in front of him right at the designated area. Bets can be placed anywhere from $2 to $ 500.
  • If a player’s first two cards are of the same kind, for example two jacks and two sixes, he can treat them as two separate hands during his turn
  • Doubling down can be done on a 2-card hand
  • Players who are sure they are going to lose can choose to surrender

When playing blackjack, you will need money if you are going to bet. If you are playing at a Casino, do not forget to carry your ID.


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