Blackjack Card Counting : 7 Myths and Facts

I guess if you start reading this, it means that you have taken an interest in gambling. Considering that you are new, there will a lot of strategies and the way you play is utmost importance if you want to win big. The rules for this game is easy to understand, and you can learn it fast.  But because Blackjack is highly resourceful game which attracts all kinds of players alike, there’s been false rumors circulating its culture.

Myth 1 – Blackjack card counting is illegal

Yes, blackjack card counting is a lie. They way mass media is presenting blackjack is by circulating false rumors. Blackjack card counting is a form of AP, or otherwise known as advantage play. This is important for you because advantage play is not a form of cheating. It’s an effective strategy to increase your favor in winning, giving you an advantage. But be careful to count in hidden because some casinos may ask you to leave the table, or the premises.

Myth 2 – Big brains are required

It’s a sole fact that anyone with brainwaves can count cards. Counting cards in blackjack does not require in depth understanding of quantum physics, so do not worry. It really doesn’t take much effort of geniuses to count cards. Throughout the process of counting cards requires easy mental math – all you have to do is add and subtract single digits numbers at a fast pace. If you can master all that counting in a matter of seconds, a calculator won’t stand a chance.

Myth 3 – Winning is guaranteed

Let’s get one thing straight here; you won’t win 100% in this game. You are not guaranteed to win all the time. It might not seem worth it but with the right calculations and a bit of luck, there’s a chance where you have a chance to win. Speaking of luck, you can get lady luck on your side – if done correctly. This form of advantage can help you lower the house edge.

Myth 4 – Photographic memory is a must

It’s pretty common perception to know that the best card counters have the best photographic memory. Players who have that have a strong memory have the ability to know what kind of cards has been placed and what is left on the deck. This method can prove very useful to you to determine the likelihood of the next deal providing a winning hand.

Myth 5 – You have to go for 21

You’d be surprised that blackjack itself has a nickname for its own. It’s one of most well-known nickname called “21”. A hand that is worth 21 is a hand that is a guaranteed win. It’s one of the biggest and the most damaging cards out there. No matter what, you want to avoid busting because your hand will automatically will be disqualified.

Myth 6 – A bigger bankroll means a better win

Most people have this mentality whereby, the more money you have to bet, the higher the chance of winning. Well, that’s not true. The richest person can come in with money pouring out from the pockets, but without the strategy, he can lose it in a matter of seconds. It’s really not a bout the size of your bankroll.

Myth 7 – Insurance is a good idea

Glorifying insurance is one the greatest injustice blackjack probably ever done. Insurance is when the dealer has an Ace and you place a bet on their hand as well as your own. It may sound like a good idea last time, but now the reality is that by taking the insurance, the players are putting back the odds back to the casino.